The Key to Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

Formalizing your sales pipeline is the key to a successful online marketing campaign. We will work with you to structure and streamline your sales funnel, which in turn boosts exposure, strengthens brand, provides visibility and offers an enhanced client experience.

How to Define Your Target Market

The sales funnel helps to structure interaction with your website by creating an interactive user experience that persuades visitors to take action in accordance with your sales strategy. As an example of methodology, Zachman Framework provides a formal and highly structured way of viewing and defining strategy by asking Five communication questions.


Define the basic characteristics of the people coming to your website as Demographics or Firmgraphics.


Identify customer motivation while browsing through your website.


Identify and track traffic sources: which keyword combinations generate the most traffic with the highest conversion rate?


Identify what needs and wants your customers are seeking when visiting the website.


Identifying the level of interaction with the website that would lead to a maximum retention and conversion of existing and potential clients.

How to Structure Your Marketing Campaign

Formalizing an effective marketing campaign in both online marketing and social media marketing consists of 3 key steps. Net Squares Inc. will work with you through each step to devise an ideal strategy for your own customized online marketing campaign.

Online Market Segmentation

Identifying and reaching out to the most profitable and promising online customers is the first vital step for personalization/customization and one-to-one marketing. Our marketing team will work with you to identify the most potentially profitable marketing segment for your online campaign.

Structuring online marketing, competitive analysis

By analyzing main players in the given industry with multi-level search algorithms, we are able to extract the defining structure of the campaign details combined within a competitive analysis. The competitive analysis identifies key strategies and categorizes clients’ leads into segments in the targeted niche.
Once we categorize clients’ leads into segments or groupings, the needs of the individuals in each group can be pinpointed; thus, identifying the key factors / phrases that define a strategy focused on a particular niche of the marketing segment that would drive potential customers.

Quality level metrics (QLM)

When developing quality metrics, it’s important to quantify your expected outcomes:

  • User engagement and experience (time spent on the website)
  • Level of interest and initial point of contact (influencer vs. decision-maker)
  • Identifying the key profit drivers that most affect the model and ultimately your profits

Net Squares Inc. offers a variety of tracking solutions such as multi-stage submissions forms, interactive interfaces and other techniques to manage each level of quantified expected outcomes.

The Benefits of Online Exposure

  • 70% of Internet users report that they visit organic search listings on a daily basis.
  • 50% of Internet users, when doing online research, choose one of the first 5 options from a page of search listings, according to an eye tracking study.
  • 72.3% of Internet users feel Google’s organic search listings are more relevant than their paid advertising.
  • The overall level of satisfaction with paid online advertising sites is 3 times less than that of unpaid sites.
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The Key to
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