Social Media Management

Work with client to create interesting and useful materials that will redirect potential clients to the website to learn more i.e. brief information (tweets, for example) about the latest news, events, awards, service descriptions, sales and promotions.

    Provide a way to promote clients’ activities (e.g. products, services) and customer service

    Provide a means to generate leads (e.g. frequently asked questions [FAQs] and answers)

    • via social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Yelp, Reddit, Pinterest, HomeStars, Blogspot, Google Maps,, Yellow Pages and Industry Canada
    • by using user handles in captions to boost engagement by up to 56%
    • by using location tagging in posts to create up to 79% more engagement
    • by using at least one hashtag in a post to increase engagement by up to 12.6%

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