The Competitive Analysis

To achieve a better understanding of a particular online market and develop a successful strategy, we take advantage of multi-level search algorithms combined in detailed competitive analysis reports.
We can identify the different campaigns used by the major players to achieve exposure, branding and attract the targeted marketing segment in the industry.
By overlaying strategies we expose different views of the same market. We find commonalities and unique tactics by comparing the way websites reflect strategies of each individual player in the industry, exposing strengths, weaknesses and overall effectiveness of each individual tactic.
The competitive analysis employs techniques that explore your business model (B2B, B2C, B2G or other) and business structure (e-commerce, corporate, information, brochure, service, catalogue, government tenders, and many more) to generate comprehensive and systematic data that determine how the most powerful online marketing campaign can be created for your business.

We work to gain a detailed understanding of

  • Industry presentment and definition online
  • The distinct tactics used
  • Accommodation of the individual strategy within a website and reflection of the competitors’ positioning success within the respective market
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