Wesite Layout and Graphical Representation

Your company website is your portfolio, your storefront, your disseminator of information and news, your place for feedback, and much more.

Net Squares Inc.’s web development and presentation methodology focuses on product, content and image placement strategies, which creates a user experience (UX) that is intuitive, easy-to-follow, barrier-free and persuasive.
It is more and more difficult to capture the attention of savvy online consumers and retain their engagement, therefore content positioning and creative interactive submission forms and graphical site maps, flatstyle menus to list a few examples, are pertinent to creating websites that are highly functional, interesting to use, attractive to look at and ultimately profitable.

Our web development strategies are fully customized and optimized to best suit your business model and marketing strategy
  • B2B websites that are customer-focused and intuitive, delivering product or service information to targeted audiences, featuring creative call-to-actions
  • B2C websites that use state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions with interactive Content Management Systems (CMS), secure shopping cart platforms and responsive design frameworks
  • B2G websites that clearly define the services offered and target specific types of agencies through quality written content
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