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Woocommerce point of sale (POS) report system updates and customization

Changes has to be made EVERY TIME When woocommerce plugin or Woocommerce point of sale plugin is updated !!! In order to customize Woocommerce Point of Sale plugin those changes have to be made. 1. Folder Views must be added to: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-point-of-sale/includes/reports Files in this folder: sales-table.php(shows report results),pie-chart.php(chart is showing data in graph),main-chart.php(shows charts […]

Woocommerce 3.x COD order status changing issue

Problem: when we create order via POS register, system changes order tatus from on-hold to processing instead completed . None of functions or plugins like Woocommerce Order Status Management are not helping. Order status is staying processing. Solution: Code changes in original class-wc-gateway-cod.php file were provided. Statys on-hold was changed to completed Path to : […]